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Australia's biggest ever coal mine gets

Australia's biggest ever coal mine will go ahead, according to Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, whose company has made the final investment decision to "green light

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A Grain of SandTop Documentary Films

This is the story of one man and an island. Brendon Grimshaw purchased the island in 1962 and set about making the island habitable. He did this with the

Youth theatre that made Britain¿s biggest

It launched the careers of some of Britains biggest stars, including Colin Firth, Jude Law and Sheridan Smith (pictured). But now the National Youth Theatre is

X Factor's Chloe Khan now making

A model who was once dubbed 'Britain's biggest chav' is having the last laugh after living her very own rags to riches story. Chloe Khan, from Wakefield, West

Canadian companies vying for bigger share

North American demand has surged in recent years for the smoothest, hardest sand available and Canadian companies are looking to carve out a bigger chunk of the market.

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Senghenydd colliery disasterWikipedia

The Senghenydd colliery disaster, also known as the Senghenydd explosion (Welsh: Tanchwa Senghennydd), occurred at the Universal Colliery in Senghenydd, near

Hazards magazine news

Hazards news, 22 July 2017. Britain: TUC concern at Downing Street power grab The governments draft plan to repeal European Union laws is a power grab